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Fine Needle / Sterilized Acupuncture Needle


  • Seirin B-Type needles do not include insertion tubes. The B-Type features a lightweight, color coded 2.0 x 20mm "pipe" style plastic handle. Box of 100 needles.

  • Seirin B-Type needles come with color coded plastic handles and packaging for easy gauge identification.

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  • Needle handle is made from plastic, which is light and easy to use.

  • Needle guide tube and needle handle are fusion-bonded with ultrasound. The mixing up of used needles and unused needles can be prevented.

  • Needle handle and needle guide tube can be separated single-handedly.

  • Roundness of the rim edge of the needle guide tube prevents unnecessary pain to the patient.

7 Varieties of Thickness

Thickness is easily identified by the color coding of the needle handle.

(Caution) Please do not use for acupuncture with moxibustion.

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  • This can be used for acupuncture with a moxibustion needle.

  • The needle handle is made with stainless steel wire. The handle is wire-wrapped, making it easy for the fingers to manipulate.

  • The needle thickness can be easily identified by the color of the stay piece.

Spiralförmiger Griff
Wire-wrapped Needle Handle

Wire-wrapping allows the fingers to easily manipulate the handle.
Three types from No.3 (0.20mm) to No.8 (0.30mm) are available.

Usable for Acupuncture with a Moxibustion Needle

Since the needle handle is made with metal, it can be used for acupuncture with a moxibustion needle.

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  • At last half inch needles with insertion tubes!
    The new J-15 half inch size acupuncture needle now comes with an guide tube and is especially well designed for facial acupuncture. J-15 needles feature a light weight plastic color coded 20 x20 mm easy release comfort grip handle for easy light touch insertion. Box of 100 needles.

  • Easy and Smooth Insert
    The J-15 is made from the superior high quality needle material and design of all Seirin needles but now the half inch needle comes with a guide tube. The very thin diameters available with the J-15 make this needle extra flexible yet even easier to control and insert smoothly with the guide tube. You and your patients will feel the difference!

  • New Blister Package
    The J15 needles feature an innovative design that allows the practitioner to open the blister package in two ways (five needle at once, or one needle at a time).

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New Pyonex / Sterilized acupuncture needle

New Pyonex / Sterilisierte Nadeln

New Pyonex

  • High gas permeability micro pore tape is used for the adhesive part. Since the tape hardly ever causes sweaty skin or rashes, and rarely comes off, one can feel comfortable applying Pyonex.

  • Pyonex can be easily applied on the skin without the finger touching the needle tip or the adhesive surface.

Clinical Manual
1. Pain Treatment

Rarely causes irritation and easy to apply

Four types of different needle lengths from 0.6mm to 1.5mm are available.
The needle diameter is 0.20mm and the needle length can be easily identified by the color coding.

Pyonex can be applied without touching the needle tip or the tape directly.

Apply the Pyonex with the sheath over the point, and press lightly on it for insertion. Subsequently, postition the sheath perpendicular to the skin, and then leave the sheath as it separates from the tape.

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  • The Pyonex unit, with the needle attached to the tape which is embedded in the plastic plate, has been sterilized.

  • There are three varieties of acupuncture needle sizes. Sizes are identifiable by the color coding of the plate.

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Seirin has released Moxa

Me Type and L Type Moxa treatment is carried out.

Safe Treatment

Using lightweight caps, treatment can be undergone without putting too much burden on the patient.
The usage of caps prevents the Moxa from falling, making it easier to conduct the Moxa treatment.

Clean Treatment

Treatment can be carried out in a comfortable environment thanks to the absence of fumes and odors.

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