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Seirin Acupuncture needles uphold the pride of Japanese manufacturing by continually searching for innovative ideas in technology.

Seirin needles are composed of three parts: the needle shaft, the handle, and the guide tube. Since the structural design is very simple, the needles must be perfectly uniform and of superior quality. What makes this realizable is our top-of-the-line manufacturing technology. At Seirin we use an automated and integrated production system that combines our advanced technology with original production techniques, enabling us to produce safe and reliable needles that are trusted by acupuncturists and other such practitioners, and patients.


Raw material for needles conforms with Seirin's specifications

The processing technology for needles that are inserted into the patientユs body is extremely important. The raw material used for the needles is stainless steel wire, which is specially made to Seirinユs own standards, so it is not the commonly used stainless steel. All materials used must comply with Seirin's extremely stringent purchasing and inspection standards.

Correction technology controllable to 0.001 mm units

With our correction technology, which adjusts the peculiar winding (gently bending) of the stainless steel wire and processes it into a straight line, adjustments can be made to 0.001mm control, guaranteeing precision that clears the wire diameter standard. This correction technology plays an important role in stabilizing the accuracy of the needle tip formation process, in order to provide higher quality and differentiation in our painless needles, which facilitates penetration into the skin. Additionally, our technology has made it possible to evaluate the quality of the stainless steel wire without applying a stressor on the surface of the correction-processed material during adjustment by the correction machine.

Grinding/Polishing-uniformity technology forms the needle tip shape

The tip of the needle is what truly determines its quality. Our company offers high-performance acupuncture needles by the fusion of engineering craftsmanship with passion, reflected in the concern for each needle tip, and ultra-micro-processing technology, which produces consistent quality.

Seirinユs Exclusive precision insert molding technology

The Seirin J-Type needle is the realization of improvements in insert molding which joins the needle shaft to the center of the needle handle, which facilitates steady needle insertion and results in less injury of the tissue during twisting of the needle. In addition, Pyonex has achieved the ultimate needle length of 0.6mm and utilizes insert molding in order to create a product design which prevents the Pyonex from peeling off of the skin.

Exclusive Seirin bonding technology for connecting the handle and the guide tube

In Seirin needles, exclusive bonding technology is utilized to connect the acupuncture needle handle and the guide tube. Plastic-on-plastic bonding is used for the J-Type (first sold in 1996), while metal-on-plastic bonding is used for the M-Type (first sold in 2006). The strength of the bond has been optimized so that practitioners can easily release the handle from the guide tube with one hand and administer proper treatment more easily on the specified points. In addition, the needle handle does not return to its original adhered position inside the guide tube once it has been released, so practitioners will know at a glance whether or not the needle has been used. We believe this development is essential in reducing the risk of mistreatment and nosocomial transmission in patients.

The philosophy of Seirin manufacturing with craftsmanship

Our automated, integrated production line is supported by sensor and robotics equipment alongside our highly precise processing technology. We have enhanced automation / labor-saving at our production facilities, which has made it possible for us to operate round-the-clock in order to provide a steady supply of top-quality needles to acupuncturists throughout the world. We ensure the quality of each and every needle by utilizing optical sensors, CCD cameras, and other high-precision inspection equipment along with robotics. Our exclusive automated and integrated production lines are coupled with a clean manufacturing environment that minimizes product contact by human hands, thus reducing the number of microorganisms that can attach to a product prior to sterilization to nearly zero. The philosophy of Seirin manufacturing with craftsmanship assures not only organism-free products through sterilization, but it also results in near-zero attachment of microorganisms prior to sterilization.

Acupuncture Needles for Disposable Use

Nosocomial infections, including acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), resulting from the re-use of medical devices, cause tremendous social challenges.
In order to reduce the risk of cross contamination, disposable medical instruments for single use on one location are being recommended. For this reason, the sterilized needle is thrown away after using it only one time. Although this seems a bit wasteful, the use of disposable needles has become very popular, and it is now difficult to find people re-using injection needles.
Seirin is promoting the use of disposable needles for the field of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Medicine, in order to protect practitioners and patients from body-fluid related infections.

Nowadays, it is hard to find an Acupuncture practitioner who doesn't know about Seirin needles.

Domestic Sales Director

As the individual in charge of domestic business, I have had the opportunity of visiting various places and have been blessed to hear that "Seirin's products have an established reputation for quality". Although it is only acupuncture, I feel that our sincerity put there was transmitted, and it is a really delightful moment for me. //Even when I look at a single needle, it gives me joy//great satisfaction to think of the sincere effort that we have put into its making.//It gives me great satisfaction to think of the sincerity and effort that has gone into the making of a single acupuncture needle. Seirin acupuncture needles are now being used in tens of thousands of acupuncture clinics and hospitals. From now on I am planning to spread the word about our top brand products--products that are particularly safe and reliable.